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Spa treatment

Your 9 steps towards spa treatment

1. Entitlement
Any legally insured person with existing medical conditions is entitled to spa treatment which can be reapplied for every three years.

2. Medical report
After a discussion with the attending physician, he/she will certify the medical necessity of a spa treatment measure and will advise an outpatient or inpatient stay, depending on the condition.

3. Application
The application is filled out together with the physician and submitted to the aid office cost unit of the patient’s responsible health/pension insurance. A comprehensive justification of necessity by the physician should be enclosed with the application.

4. Examination
The application for spa treatment is examined by the medical service, panel physician or public medical officer.

5. Approval
This occurs through the responsible health insurance company, pension or aid office.

6. Rejection
In the event of a rejection of the application, a written objection can best be submitted with the support of the attending physician. Legal action submitted with a social welfare court helps in cases of hardship.

7. Private spa treatment
Spa treatment at one’s own expense is always possible. In the event of medical necessity, any legally insured person is entitled to medicinal remedies which a panel physician prescribes at the spa or in the hometown. The out-of-pocket payment with the prescription of medicinal remedies amounts to 10 percent. In addition, € 10.00 per prescription is to be paid.

8. Spa
In the event of an outpatient care benefit, the patient can freely select a recognised spa. The health insurance company recommends a contractual institution in the event of an inpatient care benefit or a rehabilitation benefit.

9. Implementation
An outpatient or inpatient stay at a spa usually lasts three weeks. An extension is possible, depending on the severity of the illness.

Other important information is available from out spa physician
Dr. Nicole Reinelt; tel. 0 85 32 / 26 72

During a stay of at least 7 overnights, our spa physicians usually prescribe 3 fango treatments and 3 back massages!